Successful adoptions are what it is all about. Matching the right people to the right cat is very important. We love to hear when things go good. (Slight edits have been made to protect the privacy of our cat house.)

Rosa, and Rowan. (Lumen and Masuka)

Hello Foreclosure Pets.
Thanks for your time today, ... I want to thank you for those two absolutely perfect darlings! They are just so at home here already. They've both used the litter boxes, ate, explored the perimeters, found the toys. The boy runs to greet people at the door, the girl (I think we're going to call her Rosa), is such a lovey cat, loud purrs and all. Our other cat is hiding under the bed as expected but has come out to eat and it seems like her normal behavior for "changes in the home".
I will keep in touch but wanted you to know all seems more than well for now! You did an absolutely fantastic job of raising these kittens, you are amazing.


Happy Thanksgiving!
I just wanted to send you a Cesha update. She and I are doing very well together, she has been wonderful... She isn't much for sitting on my lap, but she loves when I pick her up and hold her. She waits by the door every evening for me to come up and pick her up, and will meow and meow until I do, she has become quite the talker. She also likes to take naps on the back rest of my couch, right behind my shoulders. She is also starting to learn how to play fetch with me. Although she doesn't always pick the best times to play, 5:00am is too early for me. She has put on a little weight too! I might have to give her some diet food. We just made a journey to my mom's house for Thanksgiivng, it was a 3:30 hour trip because of the snowy conditions, but she was a doll all the way home. She didn't make a peep the entire car ride, she mostly napped. I couldn't have asked for a better companion. I just wanted to let you know we are both doing well. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Thank you again for bringing Cesha into my life, I am very thankful for that.


TIPPER (Paisley)